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Wake Up Yoga

Wake Up Yoga combines Hatha yoga (attention to alignment and longer holds) with dynamic vinyasa flows working on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic bodies. It is medium paced and easy to follow. It is open to all levels, the class will be as challenging as the student makes it. This class will offer specific themes, emphasising a particular target area in the body and helping to set the mind to be more focused. The intention is to focus on the union of body, mind and spirit.

Power Yoga

This 60 minute class is designed to build core strength, flexibility, stability, balance and posture as you move from one exercise to the next – guaranteed to get you SWEATY – a high intensity, low impact class for all ages that will challenge your body and mind. Combining yoga, strength training and stretch into one fitness class. It focuses the mind to override self-imposed limitations through the sequence, opening the body into deep poses and strengthening it for more advanced holds. You got the power?

Melt and release

Melt & release is a deeply relaxing practice that invites profound rest to our body while cultivating a peaceful relationship with our mind. It involves holding postures for a longer length, this supports the reversal of stress in the body, nourishes the nervous system and the vital organs that play a key role in restoration and renewal. Some postures are supported by props, as the body is able to completely let go and focus on simply resting. So come and free your mind and feel lighter and more refreshed when you step off the mat.


YogaBasics is for students who are newer to yoga and would like to learn more about basic breathing and alignment techniques while building a stronger practice. Influenced by the traditional practice of Hatha yoga as we move through postures exploring the connection between body and mind. Class with be informative and fun while also building a solid foundation in yoga asana.

Zen with Jen

This is my signature combo class. This class carries a specific theme each week. You can expect to build strength, flexibility, improve co-ordination and balance, reduce stress and increase focus. This class begins with breathwork, which we build on each week. We move through various yoga postures with the breath. We challenge the body with some balances and new poses weekly.  Finishing with savasana and sound bowl.

Core & FLOW

Join me in Core Flow, as we work on building core strength through various yoga postures. 

This class is dynamic and strengthening.  Core flow combines major components of fitness – balance, flexibility, coordination, muscular strength and endurance.

 You will strengthen the core muscles that support a healthy spine. 

Core & Flow is suited to anyone looked to strengthen their core, improve flexibility and posture. Core flow aims to develop strength & stability in body and mind as we work with the breath. 

How does it compare to other classes I offer ?

Core & Flow is  a more active class, more  Vinyasa  style yoga as we flow through the poses working with the breath.

Mobility Beyond

This class focuses on releasing and relieving tight and tense muscles with advanced stretching and mobility techniques. This class is designed to improve your flexibility, relieve muscular tension as well as stimulate chi/energy flow in the body. Stretch like you’ve never stretched before. Improve joint ROM an prevent injuries. Suitable for anyone wishing to improve mobility & flexibility, especially runners, cyclists, footballers, gym goers, fitness enthusiasts.  

Core & Restore

Core & Restore is a class of effort and surrender. We  developing core strength as we work with the breath through various poses and core specific exercises. We then release and surrender into deeply restorative poses to promote restoration in the body and mind.

A nice effort and ease. Suitable for beginners.

Pop Up Yoga

Every so often, I will add additional classes to the regular timetable. Something NEW to keep it exciting. Come along and sample a yoga class with Jenny before you commit to a block. The Pop-Up class will give you an insight into what to expect from my yoga classes.

I have my own particular style and I look forward to sharing it with you on the mat very soon. 


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