New Moon Workshop: Move, Manifest and Matcha


The new moon signifies new beginnings and inward reflection. With downward spiraling (apanic) energy this period often leads to lower physical and mental motivation. This is a powerful time to set seeds of intention and let go of what is no longer serving us.


Join Jenny in her monthly ritual of meditation and manifestation under the energy of the new moon.


During this workshop we embrace the cycle with slower, grounding and more restorative movements. The energy of the New Moon encourages us to sow the seeds we want to see blossom in our lives.  We can use the energies of the lunar phases in our lives to bring about great change.  When we sync our lives to the lunar cycle, we are setting ourselves up for pure magic. We begin to realize that we have the power within to manifest the life of our dreams.

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What you’ll learn: The power of intention setting

How to recreate your own New Moon Ceremony at home


What you’ll receive:

  • New Moon Intention Setting Manifestation
  • New Moon Yoga Sequence
  • Sound Bowl & Meditation


What you’ll need: Please bring a pen and some paper to reflect and set intentions, warm socks, comfy clothing.


Guided by: Jenny


2022 Dates & Time:

Sunday 20th November 7-9PM

Sun 22nd Jan 7-9PM

Sun 19th Feb 7-9PM

Sun 19th Mar 7-9PM

Fri 21st April 7-9PM

Book online   €30

No prior yoga experience necessary. You are guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed and at ease.


Friday 21st April 7-9pm, Sunday 19th March 7-9PM, Sunday 19th February 7-9pm, Sunday 22nd January 7-9pm, Sunday 20th Nov 7-9pm

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