My Journey

Better Mind Better Body is at the heart of my journey

When establishing JD Fitness in 2019, My motto Better Mind Better Body was what I wanted to share with the world.

I established JD Fitness, taking a holistic approach with clients, focusing on improving both body and mind as I provided unique fitness classes and my own brand of personal training.

Better Mind Better Body remains the core of my Business as I evolve to provide my own style of yoga classes and workshops.

I want to continue to share my knowledge with you and empower you on your own journey towards a better you.

Still at the heart of my business are:

Longevity – Building good habits around your practice, developing your practice throughout your life, it’s not a race to the finish line
Consistency – Developing a routine where you can practice yoga in line with your current demands
Enjoyment – Choosing a practice which you enjoy and benefit from.

Health and Fitness have always been my passion, they have enabled me to be a better version of myself, they have helped me through exams, difficult situations, life’s challenges and different obstacles.
Providing a sense of release, a sense of calm and a place where I could focus on one thing – the next 1km or weight to lift. It was a form of meditation as I removed myself from the current challenge.

My recent yoga journey has provided much enlightenment and many benefits – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally:

Physically, yoga has improved my stability, balance and flexibility (still a long road). It has made me more aware of the limitations of my body, where I need to focus my attention.

Mentally, yoga has enabled me to find calm in my life, to stay in the moment and be more fully present with myself, with tasks and with those around me.

Emotionally & Spiritually, yoga has been a journey of self-acceptance, self-understanding and self-love. It had forced me to remove outdated limiting beliefs I had once held about myself and enhanced my self-understanding.

Through asana, breathwork, meditation and savasana, yoga has helped me to meet challenges with a sense of calm and increased clarity.


My yoga journey is ongoing and I am inspired to share it with you all so you too can reap the rewards.

Join me on the mat and start your very own journey –

creating space for new beginnings, new thoughts new behaviours.

Create space in body and mind. Better Mind BetterBody

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